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PDC Players Championship 2011 Day Two Tips

A good start to the first day of free tips for the PDC Players Championship. We went 3-3 but we made a profit of +1.85 which puts a present or two extra under the Christmas tree!

Day two looms large and with the action on ITV4, you can't afford to miss a dart. Some exciting matches ahead, so let's get down to business.

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PDC World Grand Prix Day Two Tips

What a fantastic first day of darts we had at the World Grand Prix in Dublin. Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than that – the crowd were electric, the matches were amazing and it was just a fantastic way to welcome darts back onto our television screens. And what about “The Power”? Was a 3-0, 3-0 score ever in doubt? Anyway, it was a day of swings and roundabouts for us at Darts Betting Tips, some nice winners and a couple of unlucky losers. We went 3-2 last night, so a 60% strike rate to start the tournament – good times!

The second day of matches at the World Grand Prix have a lot of star power, with Simon Whitlock taking the stage in the third last match of the evening, after Raymond van Barneveld and James Wade have played their first round matches. It’s a stellar line-up and I can’t wait to get my bets on, get settled down with a beer and watch the bets romp home!

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PDC World Matchplay 2010 Day 8 Tips

Well, I don't know if yesterday was a bit of an anti-climax, but it was still a good day of darts and even better for Darts Betting Tips follows, as we went 2-1, with Stompe snatching a handicap win from the jaws of defeat. Typical! Phil Taylor's destruction of Kevin Painter wasn't unexpected and, to be honest, we've got the four best players in the world competing in the semi-finals. It's always good to see that happen, as we shouldn't get a one-sided final as can happen when a lesser player makes it this far.

However, while we've got the four best players in the world playing, the selling point for tonight's darts is the fact it's going to be in 3D. 3D darts, is it the future? Well, probably not, but it's quite a cool idea and there are around 1,000 pubs in the country that will be showing the semi-finals in 3D. So, have a look online and see if your local is showing the action where you get to where funny glasses while having a pint. Of course, remember to put your bets on before you leave, or it's going to be a disappointment.

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What a great World Championships! I enjoyed watching it, but your tips made it ten times better!- Michael Dancer
Thursday nights wouldnt be the same without Premier League Darts and your fantastic tips!- Elliott Broughton
One word to describe your tips - magic!- Samantha Swain
With the money I won backing your tips, Ive bought a new TV so I can watch Phil Taylor in HD now.- Mark Bartel
How do you do it? Dont stop tipping!- Owen Beckham

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