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PDC 2011 Premier League Darts – Finals Night

Well, this is it for Premier League Darts 2011. We're in London for the last few matches of the tournament and it's down to Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, Gary Anderson and Adrian Lewis fighting it out for the title.

A frustrating night from Newcastle last week. But we did go 2-1.

That takes us to 23-26 and -18.17. A very strong 7.5 unit profit last week and if it wasn't for Adrian Lewis bottling it against Gary Anderson, it would have a glorious way to end the league stages of the Premier League Darts season.

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PDC 2011 Premier League Darts – Week 14 – Newcastle

And so the final week of the regular Premier League Darts season is here and they're in Newcastle. It's my home leg, but sadly I won't be there this year. There is always a great atmosphere in the Metro Radio Arena and I'll be sad to miss it. Still, not much left to play for, with only one spot in the play-offs still to be decided.

Last week we went 3-3, taking us to 21-25 and -26.67 units.

I'll be the first to admit, the Premier League has been a disaster, but we've got some matches left to make some of it back and set us up nicely for the UK Open.

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PDC 2011 Premier League Darts – Week 13 – Bournemouth

Well, Liverpool hit us badly last week. We got unlucky with Terry Jenkins not managing to squeak out an extra maximum when we needed it and Gary Anderson's scoring boots just weren't on.

That puts us at 18-22 and -21.24 units fior the Premier League. Not the greatest and we've been missing out by small margins. We've got three weeks left to cut that back and save face until the UK Open in June.

The Premier League bandwagon hits the south coast and, more specifically, Bournemouth. Raymond van Barneveld has a lot of history here, with his magnificent 9-darter and it's always an explosive night of Premier League Darts action.

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PDC 2011 Premier League Darts – Week 12 – Liverpool

Well, I hope you had a great Easter (if not the chocolate, at lesat the time off work) and I hope you have tomorrow off to celebrate the royal wedding. By celebrate the royal wedding, I mean have a long lie-in after sitting up watching the Premier League Darts action from Liverpool.

Last week we went 2-1 and it was all down to Terry Jenkins taking out a bull finish when it really didn't seem likely. That takes us to 17-19 for the Premier League and -13.53 units for the season.

We're in Liverpool for week 12 of the Premier League and we've got an absolutely cracking match in store, although it's not even the main event.

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