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BDO 2012 World Championship Day Seven Tips

One week in and we finally get the Holy Grail - a perfect night! Again, the shock of the night was tipped, so we've had a few nice successes when it's come to the big names exiting and you don't get any bigger than England Captain Martin Adams getting knocked out by Tony O'Shea.

I'm getting a lot of e-mails asking for P&L, and I will be honest, it's more a time factor than anything, but we are now +3.61, and it's been a long slog to get there. Hopefully you've kept the faith and are now sitting on a nice bit of profit. If not, shame on you! Let's keep the streak going and get another perfect night under our belts.

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What a great World Championships! I enjoyed watching it, but your tips made it ten times better!- Michael Dancer
Thursday nights wouldnt be the same without Premier League Darts and your fantastic tips!- Elliott Broughton
One word to describe your tips - magic!- Samantha Swain
With the money I won backing your tips, Ive bought a new TV so I can watch Phil Taylor in HD now.- Mark Bartel
How do you do it? Dont stop tipping!- Owen Beckham

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