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BDO 2011 World Championships Day Eight Tips

Well, antoher great night, not only for the darts, but also for our tips. Two great winners and we're now10-6 going into the second last day of the BDO World Championships and we're now in profit to the magic tune of +12.67 units.

Now, we probably did get lucky in the Garry Thompson versus Jan Dekker match, but I don't care and you shouldn't, either. The fact is, Thompson couldn't close the match out and our selection showed a lot of bottle to fight back from 3-0 to take the match. Our other selection, Dean Winstanley, looked fantastic gaainst Stephen Bunting and he did us proud.

An early start for us tomorrow, starting at 2:30 on the BBC, so remember to get your bets on early!

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Martin Adams vs Martin Phillips.

A bottle of the veterans in the first semi-final of the day. Martin Adams hasn't looked in trouble since the winning darts was thrown aganist John Walton. The defending champion is a short order not only to win this match, but win the tournament.

Adams managed an average of just over 90 in his quarter-final win, putting in 2 maximums. Where he was able to show his class was in his finishing, with five checkouts in excess of 100.

Martin Phillips didn't really get near the 90 mark for his average in his quarter-final, but was still in the high 80s. However, he did put in four high checkouts, althuogh only 2 maximums.

In this race to six, Adams' class should shine through, as Phillips hasn't really impressed this week in terms of overall play, but his fighting spirit isn't in question. But Adams is far too short to back with confidence, so we're steering clear of the match betting.

However, the market I do like is the number of 180s. Both men hit 2 maximums in their previous match and those were Phillips' first two of the tournament. The man can hit centuries for fun and 140s like they're going out of fashion, but 180s seem to elude him. The line is 10.5, which I think is worth a punt on the unders, as I don't think Adams will weigh in with as many as Gary Robson did against Phillips in the prevous round and we still scraped in under the 10.5, even though the match went all the way.

Under 10.5 180s in the Martin Adams vs Martin Phillips match Evens @ Victor Chandler.

Recommend: 2.5 units.

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Dean Winstanley vs Jan Dekker.

Two men that we've won some nice bets on face each other in the second semi-final of the day and Winstanley is finally a short price to win a match, which is probably dangerous, as he seems to play better as an underdog. Jan Dekker can consider himself fortunate to be here, I think, after Garry Thompson basically blew so many chances to knock him out. That being said, Dekker deserves to be here no less than anyone else, so we can't complain, especially as we won a nice bit of money on him.

There is about a fuor point difference in the averages from the quarter-finals, but the averages don't tell the full picture. Dekker looked hopeless at the beginning of his match, while Winstanley just powered through his. The gulf in class might be a bit ttoo much and it's hard to find an angle on the match. However, there is one market that interests me and it's the player to score the highest checkout. Winstanley's doubling has been impressive and compared to Dekker, he seems to like him combination checkouts more. The market isn't so sure and the 4/6 is generous.

Dean Winstanley to score the highest checkout vs Jan Dekker 4/6 @ Stan James.

Recommend: 3 units.

And that's it for the semi-finals. Not many different angles for us to bet on with confidence, but I think I've found the two best bets of the day. I'm hoping we get a Martin Adams vs Dean Winstanley final, but the way the results have been going this week, I wouldn't be surprised if we got a Martin Phillips vs Jan Dekker final. whatever happens, we'll be finding some great bets for Sunday's final. enjoy the darts and happy betting!


What a great World Championships! I enjoyed watching it, but your tips made it ten times better!- Michael Dancer
Thursday nights wouldnt be the same without Premier League Darts and your fantastic tips!- Elliott Broughton
One word to describe your tips - magic!- Samantha Swain
With the money I won backing your tips, Ive bought a new TV so I can watch Phil Taylor in HD now.- Mark Bartel
How do you do it? Dont stop tipping!- Owen Beckham

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