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PDC Las Vegas Desert Classic Betting Review

PDC Las Vegas Desert Classic Betting Review

Before the World Matchplay starts, we want to go over the last results from the Las Vegas Desert Classic.  It makes depressing reading on the face of it, but we were on the wrong end of some extremely tight results and there were one or two picks that just simply bottled it for us and didn’t live up to the hype. 


Outright Selections:

Simon Whitlock .5pts EW – Beaten by Terry Jenkins 6-1 in the first round.

Mark Walsh .5pts EW – Beaten by Peter Manley 6-4 in the first round.


Summary:  The performance of Whitlock was abysmal.  Whether it was the fact this was his first time in front of PDC cameras, or the fact he’s done a lot of travelling, Whitlock didn’t bring the game he has been playing for most of the year. But Whitlock came out with no excuses, so the better man won on the day.  As for Walsh, he out-averaged Manley, but it’s the old case of “scoring for show, doubles” for dough and Manley was ruthless when he got to an out, taking out 106 and 100 along the way, whilst under pressure from Walsh. Definitely a disappointing result.

Profit/Loss:  -2pts.


Match Bets:

Day 1 – Peter Wright to beat Colin Lloyd: 1pt @ 6/4. LOST

Day 2 – Bill Davis to beat Raymond van Barneveld : .5pt @ 6/1 LOST

Day 3 – Klaasen to beat Part: 2 units @ 5/6 LOST

Day 3 - Painter to beat King: 1 unit @ 11/10 LOST

Day 5 – Over 10.5 180s in the Barneveld/Wade match: 2 units @ 10/11. LOST


Summary:  Abysmal wouldn’t even do this justice.  Day 3 killed us, being on the receiving end of two 8-7 defeats. Klaasen had a dart at bull to win the match, but it wasn’t to be. Painter was also waiting on double top at the end of his match against King, but King, for once, held his never and consigned us to another loss.  Both games could have gone either way and, upon reflection, we’re happy with the reasoning behind our picks and on another day, they might well have won easily.

Profit/Loss: -6.5pts.


The Stan James World Matchplay is up next and starts on Sunday (13th July) and we’re busying working away on our picks for that.  It does help knowing the draw well in advance, so we’ve prepped out databases and have already been scouring for the best prices.  We’ll bring you our picks for Sunday’s matches on Saturday and we’re confident we’ll hit it big.


PDC Las Vegas Desert Classic Final Day Tip

Sorry for not having a pick up yesterday, but we're back with our last betting tip for the tournament.

We're going for a different market from our usual match bets and we're looking at the total amount of 180s in the Barneveld/Wade match.

Both men have played some good darts, with high averages in their last games.  Both players are heavt scorers and once they find their range, the darts will batter the treble 20.  So our bet is...

Over 10.5 180s in the Barnveld/Wade match - 10/11 @ Ladbrokes.

Recommend 2 units.

Let's finish the week on a winning note!  Our next lot of tips will be for the World Matchplay starting in exactly two weeks.


PDC Las Vegas Desert Classic Day Three Tips

Well, not the greatest start to the tournament, but now we're into the longer format, we know the lie of the land for our bets and we can bet accordingly.  These two tips should get us on the right track and I'm confident we can make a healthy profit from this tournament.

Klaasen to beat Part - 5/6 @ Blue Square Just going on first round form alone, Klaasen would be the pick.  He looked in great form against the in-form Ronnie Baxter and is playing some good darts.  John Part's game is a bit shaky at the moment, especially with him trying to change his darts and his throwing style.  If Klaasen can find the consistency, there's no reason why he can't give Part a drubbing.  We think this price is just far too generous and would have had Klaasen shorter if we were pricing this match ourselves.

Recommend 2 units @ 5/6.

Painter to beat King - 11/10@ William Hill.  Again, going on first round form alone, Painter would be favourite.  He scored heavily last night and hit his doubles under pressure.  King didn't look too solid on his scoring or his doubles against Louis Blundell and a more experienced darts player might have punished him for it.  Should be a toss of the coin, perhaps favouring Painter with his recent win over King being the deciding factor.

Recommend 1 unit @ 11/10.
So, there we go, the two tips that are sure to get us back on the right track and in clover.


PDC Las Vegas Desert Classic Day Two Pick

Well, a bit of a blow on day one as neither Whitlock or Wright played anywhere near their best.  But that's the danger of short format darts and it's why we're taking it easy with our betting tips and bets just now.

We're going for a big price in day two.

Bill Davis to beat Raymond van Barneveld - 6/1 @ Blue Square.

Davis isn't the top player that Barney is, naturally, but Barneveld has been playing some unbelievably poor darts at the moment, losing to an unknown in the Players Championship on Monday.  If the darts aren't going right for Barneveld, he might just chuck in the towel, so the 6/1 presents a decent value bet for us.

Recommend .5 unit @ 6/1

As I say, we don't want to be going wading in with lots of bets or big bets at the moment, we'll wait until the format gets a bit longer for that, but we still think that Davis is the best value bet of the day.

Good luck and we'll be back with day three picks tomorrow.



What a great World Championships! I enjoyed watching it, but your tips made it ten times better!- Michael Dancer
Thursday nights wouldnt be the same without Premier League Darts and your fantastic tips!- Elliott Broughton
One word to describe your tips - magic!- Samantha Swain
With the money I won backing your tips, Ive bought a new TV so I can watch Phil Taylor in HD now.- Mark Bartel
How do you do it? Dont stop tipping!- Owen Beckham

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